HIPPO PAGE is a page totally based on hippos, i hav pictures fun facts,jokes, and ill have heaps more soon, dont forget to visit back again

Hippos are absolutely huge. They can weigh between 3-4 tonnes-about as much as a small truck.Now that's really heavy!!

When a hippo yawns it usually doesnt mean it's tierd it means it wants u to get away, u had better do what it says. And quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

In the wild, hippos can live to the ripe old age of 40-50 years. They may live even longer in captivity, safe-from the dangers they face in the wild.

Compared to their heavyweight relatives, Pygmy hippos are tiny. They weigh in at about a quarter of a tonne and stand just one metre tall(3.3 ft)

Even though they're so huge, hippos dont make much noise. If they want to talk to each other, they open their mouths wide and let out a series of short, sharp grunts.
Hippos are commonly misunderstood, most people hate hippos because u hear of then killing and hurting people. But most of the time hippos will leave u alone. Hippos usually only injure people if they cross their teritory or go near their young. When that lady was killed recently by a hippo she was in its territory and in it's way to get to the river that's y she was trampled.
Hippos deserve a chance, give them one,would u want one?

believe it or not a specieces of hippo (not sure which get back to u on that one) is acually endangered.
The hippos worst enemy is accually humans.

Q:What's more difficult than fitting s hippo in the boot of a car?
A: fitting two hippos in the boot of a car

Q:How do u know there's a hippo under your bed?
A:Your nose touches the ceiling when your under the covers

Q: What would you say if a hippo sat on you?

Q: What's big and grey and goes up and down?
A: A hippo in a lift

Q: What's big and grey and has 16 Wheels?
A: A hippo wearing rollerskates

Hippos once lived in Britain.
It's True-about 12,000 years ago. The weather in britain was much warmer than it is today-just the right temperature for hippos.

hippos have huge, peg-like teeth in their bottom jaws.
These giant gnashers can grow up to 50cm (20in) long- that's almost as long as your arm.

Even though they live in rivers, hippos aren't very good at swimming. And they're much to heavy to float. Instead, they tiptoe along the river bottom, pushing themselves along. Hippos prefer tp live in shallow water so they can keep their feet firmly on the ground.

In the evening, hippos leave the river and go ashore to feed. They follow the same footpaths they've used for years and years, so they never get lost on the way. Hungry hippos may eat up to 20kg (44lbs) of grass for dinner. That's about as much food as you eat in a week. They tear up the grass with their rubbery lips.

A baby hippo can weigh up to 50kg (110 lbs) when it's first born. That's about as big as a pig. By the time it reaches its first birthday, it's an amazing five times bigger than that.

Some baby hippos are born on land, but most are born in shallow water. Then the baby has to paddle to the surface to take its first breath of air.

Hippos don't sweat when they get hot- red droplets, like blood, ooze from their skin. This oily liquid stops their skin from getting sunburnt, as they have little hair to protect them.

Hippos can hold their breath for up to half an hour so that they can stay underwater. But they usually only bob under for a few minutes at a time.